I have lived in Winchester for over 50 years, and am extremely lucky to have
the South Downs on my doorstep. I have travelled extensively, but cannot
think of a more beautiful historic city than Winchester to start the walk
across the stunning South Downs. I have been arranging the transportation of
the baggage transfers for a number of years now. I have a passion for the South
Downs National Park and am privileged to be able to enjoy the beautiful
sights of the South Downs every day.
I take great satisfaction in helping people and taking the burden of the
load, enabling clients to enhance their South Downs experience.


Jo is our operations manager and looks after all the admin side of things to ensure everything runs smoothly. She runs a very tight ship!


Paul is the founder of South Downs Discovery and deals with all our walking holiday bookings.

I was driven to found South Downs Discovery in 2010 by a passion to share my love of what I believe is a very underrated part of the UK. It also meant I was able to indulge my loves of walking, cycling, eating good food and drinking real ale!

Having graduated in Tourism Management more than 20 years ago (time flies!), I worked in various roles within the travel & tourism industry before taking the leap and embarking on my own venture. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world but there’s few places I’d rather be than out on the South Downs.

Having lived in Sussex for the best part of a decade, I’ve recently relocated to Cheshire to be closer to my wife’s family. During the walking season I’m back down in the South Downs at least a couple of times each month and really relish my visits!