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HomeBethany, June 2018

We had a fantastic time on the walk- the organisation was brilliant and everything went very smoothly. We enjoyed all the places we stayed and many of the hosts went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable, such as giving us a complementary slice of cake and cup of tea when we checked in or booking us a table at the local pub ahead of time.Each B&B at which we stayed had its own unique charm and character, it was lovely to stay in such a range of places and each day there was a great choice of breakfast items. It was ideal to be able to get a lift from the trail direct to the place we were staying and the luggage transfer system always worked perfectly- when we had arrived into Lewes our host had even taken the trouble to carry our suitcases up four flights of stairs into our rooms for us!I don’t think anything could have improved our experience, it was all so well organized and we particularly liked having the map annotated with places we were staying and places to find refreshments. Many thanks for organizing a great trip!