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The Countryside Code


The South Downs National Park is a unique natural environment that we must preserve for future generations. The Countryside Code provides key principles and guidelines for anyone exploring and enjoying rural areas such as the South Downs.

Respecting the Countryside and Its Communities

Respect for the countryside and its communities is a vital part of enjoying the South Downs responsibly. When walking on the South Downs Way please be considerate of local residents, farmers, and landowners, ensuring your presence does not disrupt their daily lives. Treat them with courtesy and please adhere to any specific rules or restrictions in place.

Using Designated Paths and Trails

When exploring the South Downs countryside please stick to designated paths and trails. Observe any signage or restrictions, which are often in place to protect the environment or wildlife. Staying on recognised trails such as the South Downs Way minimises your impact on sensitive areas and reduces the risk of disturbing wildlife habitats. Organisations like The Friends of the South Downs and the National Trust can provide information on how to support the preservation of heritage sites and biodiversity.

Preserving Nature and Wildlife

Protecting nature and wildlife by leaving no trace of your visit to the South Downs, take all litter with you and dispose of it responsibly. Avoid damaging fences, crops, or habitats, and be mindful of your impact on the natural environment. By leaving the countryside as you found it, you help to maintain its delicate balance and allow others to enjoy its beauty.

In Summary

The South Downs National Park is a shared resource and as visitors our efforts are crucial to its well-being. By following the principles of the Countryside Code and acting responsibly we can enjoy the beauty of this area while preserving it for future generations. Let’s appreciate and protect the countryside and promote a harmonious relationship between people, wildlife and the environment.