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Lewes Town

Lewes, a quaint town, is renowned for its warm community spirit. The consensus among historians is that the name Lewes originates from the Old English ‘hlaews’, meaning ‘hills’ or ‘mounds’, reflecting its position nestled within the slopes on either side of the Ouse Valley. This geographical feature ensures the residents have well-developed leg muscles, complementing their resilient nature. Lewes is historically significant, being the site of the Battle of Lewes where Simon de Montfort clashed with the King, and the former home of Tom Paine, the celebrated author of ‘The Rights of Man’. The town’s enduring sense of independence and pride in its extensive history, dating back to the Saxon era, are well-known traits.

However, Lewes’s appeal extends beyond its historical significance. Situated in East Sussex, the town offers a plethora of activities. Its unique blend of independent, antique, and distinctive shops makes it a delightful destination for shoppers. Lewes is also an ideal spot for enjoying a meal or a drink in one of its traditional pubs. Notably, the town is home to a functioning brewery at its core. Visitors on a Tuesday might have the fortune of witnessing the Harveys dray horses in action, delivering beer in a scene that encapsulates the town’s charm.